Who we serve at the Group Home

Jaru Living Centers 4 bedroom group homes for mild and moderately disabled children and adults in Houston Texas and surrounding counties.

Clients are provided residential care and training in a home like setting with a goal of teaching independence within the home and in the community.

This residential option provides HCS Residential Group Homes that are 3 or 4 bed group homes that are available through the Home and Community Services Medicaid waiver program which is certified and licensed by the state. Residential Group Homes provide a safe and comfortable living for up to 4 residents in Houston area. Provided with our group homes are 24/7 support services that assist residents with the activities of daily living.

Here at Jaru HCS we know living in a safe, comfortable home is fundamental to the well being of all individuals..

Responsibility of the Group Home

Jaru Living Center will provide the necessary training for the resident to meet individual needs. These individual needs will be determined and addressed by the director and the group home manager. Opportunities for the development of social, self-help and community living skills will be provided. The residents will also be allowed free time for personal activities. The above areas of active treatment will be coordinated by the staff to help the resident to develop skills so that the self-sufficiency of each resident will be obtained. Staff, or other advocates, will be available to aid the resident with money handling budgeting, purchasing, dressing, personal hygiene, and transportation, etc. The staff will share in the responsibilities of housekeeping chores and meal planning and preparation. Residents will be assisted in acquiring medical, dental and emergency care. The staff will see that proper medication is given when necessary following a doctor’s prescription. Jaru Living Center encourages visits from relatives and/or friends and encourages visits to families’ or friends’ places of residence. Jaru Living Center will provide space for each resident to have personal belongings.

A neat, clean homelike environment will be maintained at all times.

4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 living rooms